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ED1 Board

52.5059.50 IVA incl.


General information and image

The ED1 microcontroller board has been designed by Citilab with the goal of facilitating educational projects in robotics, creative electronics, home automation and even the Internet of Things, thanks to the connectivity options it incorporates.  ED1 has been awarded the CE certification.

The ED1 board is based on a 32-bit ESP32 processor. It includes 6 touch buttons, a light sensor, a 3-axis acceleration sensor, an infrared receiver and a temperature sensor. It has a 1.44″ colour display and 128×128 colour pixels.  It includes two connections for 28BYJ-48 type stepper motors. It is possible to connect external sensors and actuators with 4 digital inputs / outputs, 4 analogue inputs and SPI and I2C connectors.  The board uses a rechargeable battery type 16340 or RC123A and incorporates a charge manager with full battery indication. A USB-C connector is used for programming, powering and recharging the board.

The ED1 board is programmed using microBlocks, a visual programming language for blocks similar to Scratch, which works within the board and allows both interactive and autonomous projects to be worked on transparently.



  • ESP32 processor, double 32-bit processor at 160 Mhz.
  • 448 KB ROM, 520 KB RAM


  • Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n with 3D antenna.
  • Bluetooth: v4.2 BR/EDR and BLE.


  • 4 digital inputs/outputs (two at 3.3V max. 0.5 A – two at 5.0V max. 1A.).
  • 4 analogue inputs with 10-bit resolution.
  • 2C expansion connector and SPI connector.


  • 6 touch buttons (with the possibility of adding mechanical buttons).
  • 3 axis accelerometer LIS3DH.
  • Ambient light sensor A-PT19.
  • Infrared receiver TSOP754.


  • 128×128 pixel colour LCD screen.
  • 2 connectors for stepper motors 28BYJ-48 5V. (controller integrated into the board).
  • Mini speaker (buzzer).

Power supply/connection

  • USB-C connector.
  • Holder for 16340 or RCR123A rechargeable battery.
  • Built-in battery charge manager, with charge indication and battery disconnect switch.


  • Programmable with the MicroBlocks programming environment.
  • Connection support through Mozilla Web of Things protocol.
  • Snap! and Scratch connection in development.

Details of the board


Safety instructions:

  1. The ED1 kit is designed for teaching purposes and should be used under the supervision of adult instructors.
  2. The ED1 board included in the kit cannot be used by children under 8 years of age.
  3. Do not place metal objects on either side of the ED1 board, and do not use it on metal surfaces.
  4. Do not use the board in contact with liquids or with wet hands.
  5. Do not leave the board connected to any device when it is not being supervised.
  6. If devices are connected to the ED1, board respect the polarities and electrical values supported by the board. For outputs the maximum current is 100mA and for inputs the maximum voltage is 5V.
  7. Disconnect the power switch from the board whenever it is stored or not in use.

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Additional information


No extras, With battery and USB cable

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