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ED1 Robotics kit

84.5089.50 IVA incl.


General information and image

Citilab encourages children to become competent in 21st century skills, boosting creativity, analytical thinking and innovation.

The Citilab ED1 robotics kit has resulted from the need to transform some typical classroom practices as part of the EduLab project. In relation to the document The Future of Education and Skills: Education 2030, which identifies numerous challenges facing society today, we wanted to design a tool that helps promote this change. 

In addition, the Citilab ED1 Kit facilitates experimentation with the STEAM disciplines, but it is also a good tool for developing interdisciplinary activities involving other curricular content in a motivating and innovative way. 

The ED1 board, designed by Citilab, is programmed with the microBlocks environment, a new visual programming language for blocks similar to Scratch, which works within the board and allows both interactive and autonomous projects to be worked on transparently.

The kit includes all the materials needed to assemble the Fantastic robot: the ED1 board, the motors, the USB cable and the battery. There is also the possibility of customising the robot using a model pattern to make it easier to create an outfit.

The robot’s application is very wide because it can be used by children aged three, up to adults. There are different user levels that must be consulted before use.

Finally, it should be noted that the ED1 board and the robot’s chassis design are open, enabling the product to be improved and modifications to be made as required. Its price has also been adjusted as much as possible, so that it can reach the widest possible audience.


Electronic components

  • Citilab ED1 board
  • Two 5V stepper motors, model 28BYJ-48
  • USB C-type charging and data cable between 0.8 m and 1 m long
  • Rechargeable 3.7V battery type 16340 or RCR 123A

Chassis and assembly

  • Three parts for chassis assembly, in laser-cut methacrylate.
  • Four M3 25 MF hexagonal spacers, aluminium.
  • Two M3 25 FF hexagonal spacers, aluminium.
  • Six M3 Allen-head screws, 10 mm long, steel.
  • Two M3 3 mm nuts, steel.
  • Allen key 2.5 56 mm.

Box and others

  • Cardboard box in DIN A4 format, 5 cm high.
  • Inner foam sheet for arranging the components.
  • Bag for storing screws, nuts, spacers and Allen key.
  • Assembly instructions on the inner cover.
  • Double-sided internal leaflet in DINA4 format with basic instructions for programming the robot.

Details of the kit


Safety instructions:

  1. The ED1 kit is designed for teaching purposes and should be used under the supervision of adult instructors.

  2. The ED1 board included in the kit cannot be used by children under 8 years of age.
  3. Do not place metal objects on either side of the ED1 board, and do not use it on metal surfaces.
  4. Do not use the board in contact with liquids or with wet hands.
  5. Do not leave the board connected to any device when it is not being supervised.
  6. If devices are connected to the ED1 board, respect the polarities and electrical values supported by the board. For outputs the maximum current is 100mA and for inputs the maximum voltage is 5V.
  7. Disconnect the power switch from the board whenever it is stored or not in use.

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